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About Us


Completely KIDS℠ ensures that our families have access to the knowledge and skills necessary to break the cycle of poverty.


Completely KIDS educates and empowers kids and families to create a safe, healthy, successful and connected community.

Target Population

In supporting our mission, we assist more than 2,000 youth and their families via school and homeless shelter partnerships in overcoming barriers to their success. Our headquarters, 2566 St. Mary’s Ave., is at the heart of the community we serve. As such, we are better able to understand the challenges our families face, as well as provide them with easier access to our services.

Core Values

Compassion: Completely KIDS values dignity, respect and a genuine interest and concern in and for others. 

Diversity: Completely KIDS values an environment that respects unique traditions, heritages and experiences, embracing differences, and working to reflect the diversity of those we serve.  

Collaboration: Completely KIDS values partnerships with others and strives to build open and honest relationships. 

Empowerment: Completely KIDS values the pursuit of knowledge through learning, leadership and development opportunities.  

Stewardship: Completely KIDS values financial stability and a wise use of all resources. 

Integrity: Completely KIDS values honesty and sincerity, remaining fair and ethical while making critical decisions that impact children, families and our community. 

Passion: Completely KIDS values a desire to improve the lives of children and families living in poverty. 

Commitment: Completely KIDS values a commitment to our agency and to the provision of high-quality programming for kids and families.

Core Beliefs

Completely KIDS believes in a holistic approach to the development of youth and families.

Completely KIDS believes in providing quality educational and life experiences that support success.  

Completely KIDS believes in providing a safe environment where everyone experiences security, care, dignity and respect.  

Completely KIDS believes in the importance of physical and mental health for the positive growth and development of youth.  

Completely KIDS believes in building strong, connected families.