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You know volunteering has a positive influence (make friends, build connections, gain experiences, etc.), but did you know that it can actually assist your health?

The 10th anniversary Pinot, Pigs & Poets event raised $520,000 in support of Completely KIDS. In what has become one of Omaha’s premier wine and food events, Pinot, Pigs & Poets specifically benefits the weekend and afterschool food programs for the Omaha nonprofit.

Memorial Day means much more than time off from work and hosting a barbecue, so if you want to get involved this weekend, check out these great ways to give back.

So, do you want to embrace social networking to have a positive influence on the world? Here are some ideas for how to use social media to make a difference.

With more than 440,000 youth in foster care, there are plenty of ways to make a difference during this month. Here are ideas for how to support National Foster Care Month.

You want to make a difference, but aren’t sure where to start without money. Fortunately, we have ideas to help you donate to charity without breaking the bank.

Speaking to a crowd of more than 460 at Hilton Omaha on April 10, Jessica Lahey shared three components for parents to develop intrinsic motivation in children. Intrinsic motivation, according to Lahey, leads to success through experiencing autonomy and failure.

Turns out, even the smallest steps can have an impact. This Earth Day, consider your ecological footprint and enact these seven green ways to embrace today.

Completely KIDS is excited to unveil its renovated and expanded building, and would like to invite the community to join us!

The arts still play a vital role in much of our society. In fact, without the arts, much of our history, expression and culture would be virtually nonexistent.

For seniors, volunteering is the perfect chance to use extra time to make a difference in the community. Check out these positive reasons for seniors to volunteer.

This month aims to increase awareness about stress, its negative effects and how to relieve it. If you’re experiencing stress, keep these ideas in mind for how to relax.

Even a small gesture can have a huge influence on the people around you. Here are a few ideas of some easy things you can do to brighten someone's day.

If you strive to live a good life in all areas, journaling might be the next step to consider. Take a look at simple ways journaling can improve your life.

All it took was the realization that they would be allowed to examine and touch actual sheep organs for the kids at CK Jackson to get excited.

Medical students from the Creighton University School of Medicine recently visited the afterschool site to introduce the kids to Body Basics, a program that teaches kids about five key organ systems.

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