Give Your Heart to Completely KIDS:

Give Because We Need You

We need your heart!

As part of our continued efforts to connect the community and educate and empower kids throughout the metro area, we have launched a special campaign to raise $40,000 for general operating costs to support our mission.

We have raised $15,837.00 of our $40,000.00  goal.


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Why general operating gifts are important:

A general operating gift allows Completely KIDS to put the money toward the area that best advances its mission. It enables Completely KIDS to respond to the greatest areas of need within the agency or amongst the children and families it serves.

The following are simply examples of how your heartwarming donations will support Completely KIDS. 

Feeds 7 children in our afterschool program. Each hot meal is prepared based on USDA My Plate recommendations to support a healthy heart, mind, and body.



Purchases a gardening tool and tree for a child to plant heart-healthy food in our Completely KIDS garden. Gardening teaches children about where their food comes from, encourages new tasting experiences, and allows them to use the food in cooking classes or take home to their families.


Provides Futbol for the World club for 12 to 15 children for one week. Not only do the children get their hearts pumping while playing soccer, but they also apply academic concepts by learning all aspects of the game in a classroom setting.


Gets 20 parents of Completely KIDS youth up and moving in a heart-pounding, fast-paced Zumba class. Providing fitness classes for adults promotes healthy living for the family as a whole.



Funds an eight-week family cooking class that encourages heart-to-heart interactions as a family and teaches nutrition on a budget.



Surprise Us!
Please donate whatever your heart desires. All donations, large or small, make a difference in the lives of Completely KIDS children and families.



Disclaimer: Some photos were taken before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Download our toolkit for images, graphics and suggestions on what to share via social media and email!



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"Please consider giving your heart to Completely KIDS through a donation so a child might have a safe place to eat, play and thrive!"

- Kacey Lempka, Completely KIDS Board Member